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 Search Results

The 1985 Pacific Salmon Treaty
Michael P. Shepard
A.W. (Sandy) Argue

5 Easy Pieces
Daniel Pauly

Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada
D.B. Tindall
Ronald L. Trosper
Pamela Perreault

Achieving Sustainable Development
Ann Dale
John B. Robinson

Adaptive Co-Management
Nancy Doubleday
Derek Armitage
Fikret Berkes

Adventurous Traveler's Guide to Health, The
Christopher Sanford

The Agile City
Alexei Maxim Russell
James S. Russell

Alberta's Lower Athabasca Basin
Brian M. Ronaghan

Amchitka and the Bomb
Dean W. Kohlhoff

America's Urban Future
Ray Tomalty
Alan Mallach

America's Water and Wastewater Crisis
Lewis D. Solomon

Anatomy of a Conflict
Terre Satterfield

Animals and Nature
Rod Preece

The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada
Nathan Young
Ralph Matthews

The Archaeology of Environmental Change
Christopher T. Fisher
J. Brett Hill
Gary M. Feinman

The Archive of Place
William J. Turkel

At the Edge
Ann Dale

Awful Splendour
Stephen J. Pyne

Balancing Act, 2nd ed.
J P Hamish Kimmins

Barren, Wild, and Worthless
Susan J. Tweit

Be of Good Mind
Bruce Granville Miller

Behind the Curve
Joshua P. Howe

Between Two Fires
Stephen J. Pyne

Beyond Mothering Earth
Sherilyn Macgregor

The Big Empty

R. Douglas Hurt

Bike Boom
Carlton Reid

Biodiversity and Democracy
Paul M. Wood

Biodiversity Change and Human Health
Osvaldo E. Sala
Laura A. Meyerson
Camille Parmesan

Biophilic Cities
Timothy Beatley

Bioregionalism and Civil Society
Mike Carr

Biting the Hands that Feed Us
Baylen J. Linnekin

Blue-Green Province
Mark Winfield

Border Oasis
Evan R. Ward

Bottled and Sold
Peter H. Gleick

Boundary Layer
Kem Luther

Brilliant Green
Stefano Mancuso
Alessandra Viola

British Columbia by the Road
Ben Bradley

British Columbia's Inland Rainforest
Susan Stevenson
Harold Armleder
André Arsenault
Darwyn Coxson
Craig DeLong
Michael Jull

Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System
K.G. Hirsch

Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy
Melody Hessing
Michael Howlett

Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy, 2nd ed.
Melody Hessing
Michael Howlett
Tracy Summerville

Canoe Nation
Bruce Erickson

Capturing the Commons
James M. Acheson

Carbon Efficient City, The
A-P Hurd
Al Hurd

The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change
Karen Gibbons
Yoram Bauman
Grady Klein

The Case for a Carbon Tax
Shi-Ling Hsu

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation
Katrina Brown
David Pearce

The Changing Nature of Eco/Feminism
Niamh Moore

Changing Precipitation Regimes and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Jake F. Weltzin
Guy R. McPherson

Chasing Molecules
Elizabeth Grossman

Chasing the Red Queen
Peter Feldstein
Andy Dyer

Chasing Water
Brian Richter

Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems
Peter Newman
Isabella Jennings

Cities for People
Jan Gehl

Cities That Think like Planets
Marina Alberti

Clean Water
Kenneth M. Vigil, P.E

The Clean Water Act and the Constitution
Robin K. Craig
Chris Tollefson
Chris Rhone
Chris Rolfe

Cleaner, Greener, Healthier
David R. Boyd

Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest
Richard A. Rajala

Climate and Conservation
Jodi A. Hilty
Charles C. Chester
Molly S. Cross

Climate Change and Environmental Ethics
Ved P. Nanda

Climate Change and Forests
Charlotte Streck
Robert O'Sullivan
Toby Janson-Smith
Richard Tarasofsky

Climate Change and Global Poverty
Lael Brainard
Abigail Jones
Nigel Purvis

Climate Change Science and Policy
Stephen H. Schneider
Armin Rosencranz
Michael D. Mastrandrea
Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti

The Climate of Oregon
George H. Taylor
Chris Hannan

The Climate Solutions Consensus
David Blockstein
Leo Wiegman

Climatic Cataclysm
Kurt M. Campbell

Coastal Governance
Richard Burroughs

Aimee Lyn Eaton

Columbia River Treaty Revisited, The
Barbara Cosens

Columnar Cacti and their Mutualists
Theodore H. Fleming
Alfonso Valiente-Banuet

Common Ground on Hostile Turf
Lucy Moore

Communities, Development, and Sustainability across Canada
Ann Dale
John Pierce

Conservation Biology Principles for Forested Landscapes
Scott Harrison
Joan Voller

Conservation for Cities
Robert I. McDonald

Coping with Calamity
Jiayan Zhang

Corporate Social Responsibility and the State
Jane Lister

Corporation 2020
Pavan Sukhdev

The Cost of Climate Policy
Mark Jaccard
John Nyboer
Bryn Sadownik

Coyotes and Town Dogs
Susan Zakin

Crater Lake National Park
Rick Harmon

Creating a Modern Countryside
James Murton

A Critique of Silviculture
Klaus J. Puettmann
David K. Coates
Christian Messier

The Culture of Flushing
Jamie Benidickson

The Culture of Hunting in Canada
Jean L. Manore
Dale G. Miner

Darwin’s Pharmacy
Richard M. Doyle

DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism
Thomas Dunlap

Defying Dystopia
Ed Ayres

The Desert Smells Like Rain
Gary Paul Nabhan

Design Professional's Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings
Charles Eley

Design with Microclimate
Robert D. Brown

Designer's Atlas of Sustainability
Ann Thorpe

Development's Displacements
Peter Vandergeest
Pablo Idahosa
Pablo S. Bose

Diagnosis: Mercury
Jane M. Hightower

Diary of a Citizen Scientist
Sharman Apt Russell

Dictionary of Natural Resource Management
Julian Dunster
Katherine Dunster

Distribution of Severe Dwarf Mistletoe Damage
J.P. Brandt
R.D. Brett
K.R. Knowles
A. Sproule

Doing Business in a New Climate
Paul Lingl
Deborah Carlson
The David Suzuki Foundation

The Dominant Animal
Anne H. Ehrlich
Paul R. Ehrlich

Don't Worry (It's Safe to Eat)
Andrew Rowell

Driven Wild
Paul Sutter

A Dynamic Balance
Ann Dale
Jenny Onyx

Dynamics and Diversity
Ian Scoones

Earth Only Endures, The
Jules Pretty

Earth Summit 2002
Felix Dodds

The Earthscan Reader in Business and Sustainable Development
Richard Welford
Richard Starkey

The Earthscan Reader in Environment, Development and Rural Livelihoods
Samantha Jones
Grace Carswell

The Earthscan Reader in Environmental Values
Terre Satterfield
Linda Kalof

Earthscan Reader in Poverty and Biodiversity Conservation
Dilys Roe
Joanna Elliott

The Earthscan Reader in Risk and Modern Society
Ragnar E. Lofstedt
Lynn Frewer

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Agriculture
Jules Pretty

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Tourism
Lesley France

The Earthscan Reader on Adaptation to Climate Change
E. Lisa F. Schipper
Ian Burton

Earthscan Reader on Sustainable Consumption
Tim Jackson

Eau Canada
Karen Bakker

Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs
Bob Barnetson
Jonathan Barnett
Larry Beasley

Ecological Economics, Second Edition
Ivo Daalder
Herman Daly
Joshua Farley

Ecological Restoration
Andre F. Clewell
James Aronson

Ecological Restoration, Second Edition
Andre F. Clewell
James Aronson

Ecology and Religion
John Grim
Mary Evelyn Tucker

Ecology and Wonder
Robert W. Sandford

Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape
Ajith Perera
David Euler
Ian Thompson

Ecology of Salmonids in Estuaries around the World
Colin D. Levings

Economic Analysis for Ecosystem-Based Management
Daniel S. Holland
James N. Sanchirico
Robert J. Johnston
Deepak Joglekar

Economic Analysis of Environmental Impacts, second edition
John Dixon
Louise Fallon Scura
Richard Carpenter
Paul B. Sherman

Economic Instruments for Environmental Management
Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken
Sadrettin Dural

The Economic Value of Biodiversity
David Pearce
Dominic Moran

Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management
Graham Marshall

Ecosystem-Based Management for the Oceans
Karen McLeod
Heather Leslie

Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition
Martha Honey

Rik Scarce

Ellie’s Log
Judith L. Li

The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa
Stein T. Holden
Keijiro Otsuka
Frank M. Place

Emotionally Durable Design
Jonathan Chapman

Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria
Norman Smith

Empowering Electricity
Julie L. MacArthur

Empty Nets
Roberta Ulrich

Encounters in Avalanche Country
Diana Di Stefano

The End of Automobile Dependence
Peter Newman
Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

Endangered Species, Threatened Convention
Jon Hutton
Barnabas Dickson

Energy and Environmental Design and Rehabilitation of Settlements
Mat Santamouris

Energy and the New Reality 2 - Carbon-free Energy Supply
Danny Harvey

Energy Autonomy
Hermann Scheer

Energy Development and Wildlife Conservation in Western North America
David E. Naugle

Energy from the Desert
Kosuke Kurokawa

Energy Performance of Residential Buildings
Mat Santamouris

Energy Plant Species
N. El Bassam

Energy Security
Carlos Pascual
Jonathan Elkind

Energy Security
Sascha Müller-Kraener

Environment and Citizenship in Latin America

Hannah Wittman

Environment and Society in the Japanese Islands
Bruce L. Batten
Philip C. Brown

Environment and Trade
Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwald
Daniel Magraw
Maria Julia Oliva
Marcos Orellana
Elisabeth Tuerk

Environment Reporters in the 21st Century
James Simon
David Sachsman
JoAnn Valenti

Environmental Conflict and Democracy in Canada
Laurie Adkin

Environmental Democracy
Michael Mason

Environmental Design of Urban Buildings
Mat Santamouris

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development
Akihisa Mori

Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy
David V. Bates

An Environmental History of Canada
Laurel Sefton MacDowell

The Environmental Justice Reader
Joni Adamson
Mei Mei Evans
Rachel Stein

Environmental Land Use Planning and Management
John Randolph

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services
Chris T. Hendrickson
Lester B. Lave
H. Scott Matthews

Environmental Management in Organizations
John Brady

Environmental Management Systems
Stephen Tinsley
Ilona Pillai

Environmental Management Systems, third edition
Christopher Sheldon
Mark Yoxon

The Environmental Moment
David Stradling

Environmental Policy in the European Union, second edition
Andrew Jordan

Environmental Policy Integration
Andrea Lenschow

Environmental Problems in an Urbanizing World
David Satterthwaite
Jorge E. Hardoy
Diana Mitlin

The Environmental Rights Revolution
David R. Boyd

Environmental Risk Management
Paul Pritchard

Environmental Strategy and Action
Peter Jacobs

Environmental Valuation
Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken
Sadrettin Dural

Environmental Victims
Christopher Williams

Environments for Health
John MacDonald

Ethical Sourcing in the Global Food System
Stephanie Barrientos
Catherine Dolan

The Ethical Travel Guide
Polly Patullo

Ethnobiology for the Future
Gary Paul Nabhan

Virginia D. Nazarea

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Axel Michaelowa
Sonja Butzengeiger
Michael Grubb

European Environmental Policy
Michael Skou Anderson
Duncan Liefferink

Evaluating Climate Change and Development
Osvaldo Feinstein
Rob van den Berg

Everyday Exposure
Sarah Marie Wiebe

Evolution in a Toxic World
Emily Monosson

The Evolution of Green Politics
Jon Burchell

Exploring the Tualatin River Basin
Susan Peter
Shirley Ewart

Facility Siting
Ragnar E. Lofstedt
Asa Boholm

Facing the Wild
Chilla Bulbeck

Fair Trade from the Ground Up
April Linton

Fair Weather?
Ferenc L. Toth

Faith in Nature
Thomas Dunlap

Farming in a Changing Climate
Barry Smit
Ellen Wall
Johanna Wandel

Farms, Trees and Farmers
J.E. Michael Arnold
Peter A. Dewees

Fast Forward
William Antholis
Clive Hamilton
Strobe Talbott

Fatal Consumption
Robert Woollard
Aleck Samuel Ostry

Field Guide to Ecosites of Northern Alberta
J.D. Beckingham
J.H. Archibald

Field Guide to Ecosites of the Mid-Boreal Ecoregions of Saskatchewan
J.D. Beckingham
D.G. Nielsen
V.A. Futoransky

Field Guide to Ecosites of West-Central Alberta
J.D. Beckingham
J.H. Archibald
I.G.W. Corns

Field Guide to Forest Ecosystems of West-Central Alberta
I.G.W. Corns
R.M. Annas

The Field Guide to Sedges of the Pacific Northwest, Second Edition
The Carex Working Group
Barbara L. Wilson
Richard Brainerd
Danna Lytjen
Nick Otting
Bruce Newhouse

A Field Guide to the Familiar
Gale Lawrence

Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Washington
Pamela Camp
John C. Gamon

Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction
Eban Goldstein

Finding the River
Jeff Crane

Stephen J. Pyne

Fire Ecology in Rocky Mountain Landscapes
William L. Baker

Fire in America
Stephen J. Pyne

Edward Struzik

The First Green Wave
Ryan O'Connor

Fish for All
Michael J. Chiarappa
Kristin M. Szylvian

Fish Wars and Trout Travesties
George Colpitts

The Fishermen's Frontier
David F. Arnold

Floodplain Management
Bob Freitag
Susan Bolton
Frank Westerlund
J.L.S. Clark

Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change
Michael Collier
Robert H. Webb

Fluid Arguments
Char Miller

Food Systems in an Unequal World
Ryan E. Galt

For the Love of Rivers
Kurt D. Fausch

Forest and Stream Management in the Oregon Coast Range
Stephen D. Hobbs

Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares
Nancy Langston

Forest Economics
Daowei Zhang
Peter H. Pearse

Forest Primeval
Chris Maser

Forest Under Story
Nathaniel Brodie
Charles Goodrich
Frederick J. Swanson

Forestry and Biodiversity
Fred L. Bunnell
Glen B. Dunsworth

Forests for the People
Christopher Johnson
David Govatski

Forests in Our Changing World
Elisabeth Abergel
Joe Landsberg
Richard Waring

Forests of Belonging
Leila J. Rupp
Stephanie Rupp

Forests under Fire
Christopher Huggard
Arthur R. Gómez

Forgotten Grasslands of the South
Reed F. Noss

Foundations of Restoration Ecology, Second Edition
Margaret A. Palmer
Joy B. Zedler
Donald A. Falk

Frigid Embrace
Stephen Haycox

From Enron to Evo
John Hinde
Derrick Hindery

Frontiers in Resource and Rural Economics
JunJie Wu
Paul W. Barkley
Bruce A. Weber

Fuel for Growth
Douglas E. Kupel

The Functional Food Revolution
Michael Heasman
Julian Mellentin

Fundamentals of Sustainable Dwellings
Avi Friedman

Future Arctic
Edward Struzik

The Future for Renewable Energy 2
John Eagle
EUREC Agency

Future Nature, revised edition
William M. Adams

The Future of Energy Use 2nd edition
Phil O'Keefe
Geoff O'Brien
Nicola Pearsall

The Future of International Environmental Law
David Leary
Balakrishna Pisupati

The Future of Large Dams
Thayer Scudder

Game in the Garden
George Colpitts

Genetically Modified Diplomacy
Peter Andrée

Genomics and Society
George Gaskell
Martin Bauer

George Perkins Marsh
David Lowenthal

Global Atlas of Marine Fisheries
Daniel Pauly
Dirk Zeller

Global Environmental Forest Policies
Constance L. McDermott
Benjamin Cashore
Peter Kanowski

Global Environmental Governance
James Gustave Speth
Peter M. Haas

Global Environmental Outlook 3
United Nations Environment Programme

The Global Farms Race
Michael Kugelman
Susan L. Levenstein

Francis Delpeuch
Bernard Maire
Emmanuel Monnier
Michelle Holdsworth

Governing Low-Carbon Development and the Economy
Hidenori Niizawa
Toru Morotomi

Grass Roots
Nick Johnson

The Great Blue Heron
Robert Butler

Great Lakes Fisheries Policy and Management
C. Paola Ferreri
William W. Taylor

Greed to Green
Charles Derber

Green Cities of Europe
Timothy Beatley

Green Economics
Molly Scott Cato

The Green Economy
Michael Jacobs

Green Energy Economies
John Bryne
Young-Doo Wang

A Green Vitruvius
Thermie Program of the EC DGXVII

Greening Cities, Growing Communities
Jeffrey Hou
Julie M. Johnson
Laura J. Lawson

Greening the Corporation
Peter Thayer Robbins

Greening Trade and Investment
Eric Neumayer

Greenlanders, Whales, and Whaling
Richard A. Caulfield

A Guide to Local Environmental Auditing
Hugh Barton
Noel Bruder

The Handbook of Biomass Combustion and Co-firing
Sjaak Van Loo
Jaap Koppejan

Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design
Timothy Beatley

Handbook of Environmental Protection and Enforcement
Andrew Farmer

Handbook of Strategic Environmental Assessment
Barry Sadler
Ralf Aschemann
Jiri Dusik
Thomas Fischer
Maria Partidário
Rob Verheem

Handbook of Sustainable Building
John Mak
David Anink
Chiel Boonstra

Handbook of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Secretariat of the CBD

A Handbook on Low-Energy Buildings and District-Energy Systems
Danny Harvey

Hands On Nature
Jenepher Lingelbach
Lisa Purcell

Hazards, Vulnerability and Environmental Justice
Sue Cutter

Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System
Rod MacRae
Elisabeth Abergel

Wendy Burke
Anthony D. Barnosky

Heirloom Seeds and Their Keepers
Virginia D. Nazarea

Hijacking Environmentalism
Richard Welford

Kathleen Dean Moore

Holistic Management, Third Edition
Allan Savory
Jody Butterfield

How to Live a Low Carbon Life
Chris Goodall

How to Read the American West
William Wyckoff

Human and Environmental Security
Felix Dodds
Tim Pippard

Human Ecology
Gerald G. Marten

Human Ecology
Frederick Steiner

Human Rights
Laura Westra

Human Rights and the Environment
Lyuba Zarsky

A Hunger for High Country
Susan Marsh

Hunters at the Margin
John Sandlos

Hunting, Fishing, and Environmental Virtue
Charles J. List

Ice Ship
Charles W. Johnson

Iceland Imagined
Karen Oslund

Implementing the Climate Regime
Olav Schram Stokke
Jon Hovi
Geir Ulfstein

Implementing the Precautionary Principle
Nicolas de Sadeleer

In Defence of Home Places
Mark R. Leeming

In Search of Sustainability
Michael Howlett
Jeremy Wilson
Benjamin Cashore
George Hoberg
Jeremy Rayner

In Season
Charles W. Johnson
Nona Bell Estrin

Indigenous Peoples, National Parks, and Protected Areas
Stan Stevens

The Industrial Transformation of Subarctic Canada
Liza Piper

The Informed Gardener
Linda Chalker-Scott

Infrastructures of Consumption
Bas van Vliet
Heather Chappells
Elizabeth Shove

Inland Fishes of the Greater Southwest
W.L. Minckley
Paul C. Marsh

The Integrity Gap
Anthony Perl
Eugene Lee

The Intellectual Property-Regulatory Complex
Emily Marden
R. Nelson Godfrey
Rachael Manion

Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability
Glen Filson

International Ecopolitical Theory
Peter J. Stoett
Eric Laferrière

International Investment for Sustainable Development
Lyuba Zarsky

The International Politics of Whaling
Peter J. Stoett

Introduction to Restoration Ecology
Evelyn A. Howell
John A. Harrington
Stephen B. Glass

An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation
Preston L. Schiller
Eric C. Bruun
Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest
P. Dee Boersma
S.E. Reichard
A.N. van Buren

Inventing Stanley Park
Sean Kheraj

The ISIS Agreement
Alan AtKisson

Islands' Spirit Rising
Louise Takeda

Issues of the Day
Ian W.H. Parry
Felicia Day

Keeping It Living
Douglas Deur
Nancy Turner

Keeping the Lights On
Walt Patterson

Keeping the Wild
George Wuerthner
Eileen Crist
Tom Butler

The Kingdom of Rarities
Eric Dinerstein

Kitchen Table Sustainability
Wendy Sarkissian
Nancy Hofer
Yollana Shore
Steph Vajda
Cathy Wilkinson

Kiumajut (Talking Back)
Peter Kulchyski
Frank James Tester

Lake Effect
Nancy A. Nichols

Land Resource Economics and Sustainable Development
G. Cornelis Van Kooten

Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest
Thomas E. Burke

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Landscape Architecture Theory
Michael D. Murphy

Landscape Ethnoecology
Leslie Main Johnson
Eugene S. Hunn

Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration
Mary Doyle
Cynthia A. Drew

The Last Taboo
Maggie Black
Ben Fawcett

Leaky Governance
Kathryn Furlong

The Left Hand of Eden
William Ashworth

Legal Foundations of Environmental Planning
Jerome G. Rose

The Lessening Stream
Michael Logan

Lewis and Clark Meet Oregon's Forests
Gail Wells
Dawn Anzinger

Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflies
David G. James
David Nunnallee

Life in 2030
John B. Robinson

Life in the Cold
Peter J. Marchand

Limits to Privatization
Ernst von Weizsacker
Oran Young
Matthias Finger

Linking Industry and Ecology
Ann Dale
Ray Côté
James Tansey

Lives Per Gallon
Terry Tamminen

The Living Landscape, Second Edition
Juliet Clutton-Brock

Living Off the Pacific Ocean Floor
George Moskovita

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
Robert S. Yeats

Living With Thunder
Ellen Morris Bishop

Local Action
Tommy Linstroth
Ryan Bell

Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance
Takeshi Murota
Ken Takeshita

Colin Hines

Losing Ground
John R. Nolon
Daniel B. Rodriguez

Making Climate Change History
Joshua P. Howe

Making Global Trade Work for People
United Nations Development Program
Kamal Malhotra

Making Healthy Places
Andrew L. Dannenberg
Howard Frumkin
Richard J. Jackson

Making Meaning Out of Mountains
Mark Stoddart

Making Nature Whole
Amitav Acharya
William R. Jordan III
George M. Lubick

Making Salmon
Joseph E. Taylor III

Making the Most of the Water We Have
David B. Brooks
Oliver M. Brandes
Stephen Gurman

Making Waves
Katrina Brown
Emma Tompkins
Neil Adger

Man and Nature
David Lowenthal
George Perkins Marsh

Managed Annihilation
Dean Bavington

Managing Natural Resources in British Columbia
John B. Robinson
Anthony Scott
David Cohen

Managing Protected Areas
Michael Lockwood
Graeme Worboys
Terry De Lacy
Ashish Kothari

Managing the Planet
Norman Moss

A Manufactured Plague
Abigail Woods

Manufacturing National Park Nature
J. Keri Cronin

Mapping Vulnerability
Greg Bankoff
Georg Frerks
Dorothea Hilhorst

Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in Practice
Julia M. Wondolleck
Steven L. Yaffee

Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
Erich Hoyt

Markets and the Environment
Nathaniel O. Keohane
Sheila M. Olmstead

Markets and the Environment, Second Edition
Nathaniel O. Keohane
Sheila M. Olmstead

Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards
Jörn Birkmann

Measuring Your Company's Environmental Impact
Mats Zackrisson
Gunner Bengtsson
Camilla Astrand

The Meat Business
Joyce d'Silva
Geoff Tansey

Medical Biotechnology
Albert Sasson

Messages from Frank's Landing
Charles Wilkinson

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment
Peter Morris
Riki Therivel

Mining, the Environment, and Indigenous Development Conflicts
Ali Saleem

Mary Walsh
Michael B. Jones

Misplaced Distrust
Éric Montpetit

Money Trees
Emily K. Brock

Monitoring Forest Biodiversity
Toby Gardner

Montreal, City of Water
Michèle Dagenais

Mortgaging the Earth
Bruce Rich

The Most Important Fish in the Sea
Keith B. Franklin
H. Bruce Franklin

The Myth of Resource Efficiency
John M. Polimeni
Kozo Mayumi
Mario Giampietro
Blake Alcott

Issues in Environmental Archaeology
Nicholas Balaam
James Rackham

Todd McLeish

Native Waters
Daniel McCool

The Natural Advantage of Nations
Karlson Hargroves
Michael Harrison Smith

Natural Defense
Emily Monosson

The Natural History of Puget Sound Country
Arthur R. Kruckeberg

Natural Resource Revenues
Anthony Scott

The Nature of Borders
Lissa K. Wadewitz

The Nature of Gold
Kathryn Morse

The Nature of Vermont
Charles W. Johnson

Nature TM Inc.
Bram Buscher
Wolfram Dressler
Robert Fletcher

Rebecca Kihslinger
James McElfish

Nature's Allies
Larry A. Nielsen

Nature's Fortune
Mark R. Tercek
Jonathan S. Adams

Nature's Northwest
William G. Robbins
Katrine Barber

Negotiating a River
Daniel Macfarlane

Negotiating Health
Pedro Roffe
Geoff Tansey
David Vivas-Eugui

The New Accountability
Michael Mason

New Lives for Ancient and Extinct Crops
Paul E. Minnis

New Models for Ecosystem Dynamics and Restoration
Richard J. Hobbs
Katharine N. Suding

Newer World, A
William F. Hewitt

North Pacific Temperate Rainforests
Gordon H. Orians
John W. Schoen

The North, the South, and the Environment
V. Bhaskar
Andrew Glyn

Dolly Jorgensen
Sverker Sorlin

Northwest Passage
William Dietrich

The Northwest Salmon Crisis
Joseph Cone
Sandy Ridlington

Notes from the Garden
Henry Homeyer

Nuclear Reactions
James W. Feldman

Nuclear Waste Management in Canada
Darrin Durant
Genevieve Fuji Johnson

The Nurture of Nature
Sharon Wall

Offshore Petroleum Politics
Peter Clancy

Old Growth in a New World
Thomas A. Spies
Sally L. Duncan

The Olympic Rain Forest
Ruth Kirk
Jerry Franklin

On the Brink
Dave Dempsey

Once Upon an Oldman
Jack Glenn

Oregon Coastal Access Guide
Kenn Oberrecht

Oregon Plans
Sy Adler

The Organization of Global Negotiations
Joanna Depledge

The Orphan Tsunami of 1700
Brian F. Atwater
Kenji Satake
Yoshinobu Tsuji
Kazue Ueda
David K. Yamaguchi
Satoko Musumi-Rokkaku

Our Chemical Selves
Dayna Nadine Scott

Out of Nature
Kara Rogers

Packrat Middens
Julio L. Betancourt
Thomas R. Van Devender
Paul S. Martin

Paradise Wild
David Oates

Parks in Transition
Brian Child

Passing the Buck
Kathryn Harrison

Passive Cooling of Buildings
Mat Santamouris

Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference
D. Yogi Goswami
Ken Haggard
David A. Bainbridge
Rachel Aljilani

Ron Strickland

Peace Ecology
Randall Amster

Pedal Power
J. Harry Wray

Pedaling Revolution
Jeff Mapes

Pablo Garcia Borboroglu
P. Dee Boersma

People and Environment
Stephen Morse
Michael Stocking

The People and the Bay
Nancy B. Bouchier
Ken Cruikshank

People, Land and Water
Neil K. Besner
Guy Bessette

People, Plants and Protected Areas
Gary Paul Nabhan
John Tuxill

The Pesticide Detox
Jules Pretty

Pests in the City
Dawn Day Biehler
William Cronon

Photovoltaics in Buildings
Friedrich Sick
Thomas Erge

Photovoltaics in Cold Climates
Michael Ross
Jimmy Royer

Brinda Sarathy

Pipeline Dreams
Mark Nuttall

The Placemaker's Guide to Building Community
Nabeel Hamdi

The Planetary Bargain
Michael Hopkins

Planning Paradise
Peter A. Walker
Patrick T. Hurley

Playing with Fish and Other Lessons from the North
Robert J. Wolfe

Policies for Sustainably Managing Canada's Forests
Martin K. Luckert
David Haley
George Hoberg

Policy and Practices for Biodiversity in Managed Forests
Fred L. Bunnell
Jacklyn Johnson

Politics and the Environment
Michael Howes

The Politics of Western Water
Stephen C. Sturgeon

Population Control
Steven W. Mosher

Positive Development
Janis Birkeland

The Positive Deviant
Sara Parkin

Power from the North
Caroline Desbiens

Principles of Ecological Landscape Design
Travis Beck

Principles of Tsawalk
E. Richard Atleo

Project Planning and Management for Ecological Restoration
John Rieger
John Stanley
Ray Traynor

The Promise of Wilderness
Gilbert Achcar
James Morton Turner

Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants
Robin Rose
Caryn E.C. Chachulski
Diane L. Haase

Protecting the Wild
George Wuerthner
Eileen Crist
Tom Butler

Public Deliberation on Climate Change
Lorelei L. Hanson

Public Interest, Private Property
Anneke Smit
Marcia Valiante

Public Lands, Public Debates
Char Miller

Public Produce
Darrin Nordahl

Joe S. Whitworth

The Quiet Extinction
Kara Rogers

Ranching, Endangered Species, and Urbanization in the Southwest
Nathan F. Sayre

Reconstructing Kobe
David W. Edgington

Reflections in Bullough’s Pond
Diana Muir

Reimagining Marginalized Foods
Elizabeth Finnis

Religion, Ecology & Gender
Sigurd Bergmann
Yong-Bock Kim

Renewable Energy
Dirk Assmann
Ulrich Laumanns
Dieter Uh

Renewable Energy in Europe
European Renewable Energy Council

Renewable Energy Policy and Politics
Karl Mallon

The Renewable Revolution

Sajed Kamal

Renewing Salmon Nation's Food Traditions
Gary Paul Nabhan

Sandra Postel

Requiem for a Species
Clive Hamilton

Resettling the Range
John Thistle

Resilience Practice
Brian Walker
David Salt

Resilient by Design
Joseph Fiksel

Resilient Cities
Peter Newman
Timothy Beatley
Heather Boyer

Resistance Is Fertile
Wilhelm Peekhaus

Resolving Environmental Disputes
Roger Sidaway

Restoration of Puget Sound Rivers
David R. Montgomery
Susan Bolton
Derek B. Booth
Leslie Wall

Restoration of the Great Lakes
Mark Sproule-Jones

Restoring Neighborhood Streams
Ann L. Riley

Rethinking the Great White North
Andrew Baldwin
Laura Cameron
Audrey Kobayashi

Rethinking Water Management
Johan Rockstrom
Caroline Figueres
Cecilia Tortajada

Revolution on the Range
Courtney White

The Rhine
Mark Cioc

The Right to a Healthy Environment
David R. Boyd

The Rising Sea
Orrin H. Pikey
Rob Young

Risk Goverance
Ortwin Renn

River of Life, Channel of Death
Keith C. Petersen

The Role of Ecosystems in Disaster Risk Reduction
Fabrice G. Renaud
Karen Sudmeier-Rieux
Marisol Estrella

The Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss
Alexander Wood
Pamela Stedman-Edwards
Johanna Mang

Rural Development in Eurasia and the Middle East
Kurt E. Engelmann
Vjeran Pavlakovic

Rural Planning in Developing Countries
Barry Dalal-Clayton
David Dent
Olivier Dubois

Sacred Natural Sites
Bas Verschuuren
Robert Wild
Jeffrey A. McNeely
Gonzalo Oviedo

Salvage Logging and Its Ecological Consequences
David Lindenmayer
Philip Burton
Jerry Franklin

Satellites in the High Country
Jason Mark

Saving the Gray Whale
Serge Dedina

Scaling Up
Mike Gismondi
Sean Connelly
Mary Beckie
Sean Markey
Mark Roseland

Scaling Urban Environmental Challenges
Gordon McGranahan
Peter J. Marcotullio

Science Magazine's State of the Planet 2008-2009
Donald Kennedy

Science, Agriculture and Research
Stephen Morse
William Buhler
Eddie Arthur
Susannah Bolton
Judy Mann

The Sea Knows No Boundaries
Helen M. Rozwadowski

Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests
Rodolfo Dirzo
Hillary S. Young
Harold A. Mooney
Gerardo Ceballos

Second Growth
John Pierce
Mark Roseland
Sean Markey
Kelly Vodden

Seeds of Sustainability
Pamela A. Matson

Self-Sufficient Agriculture
Robert Tripp

Sensing Changes
Joy Parr

Setting the Standard
Chris Tollefson
Fred Gale
David Haley

Seven Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them
Mark Jerome Walters

The Shape of Green
Lance Hosey

Sharing Nature's Interest
Nicky Chambers
Craig Simmons
Mathis Wackernagel

Sharing the World
Michael Carley
Phillipe Spapens

Shifting Baselines
Jeremy B.C. Jackson
Karen Alexander
Enric Sala

A Short History of the Future
Colin Mason

Silviculture and Ecology of Western U.S. Forests, Second Edition
John C. Tappeiner II
Douglas A. Maguire
Timothy B. Harrington
John D. Bailey

Sins of the Flesh
Rod Preece

Smart Power Anniversary Edition
Peter Fox-Penner

Smell Detectives
Melanie A. Kiechle

Smog Alert
Derek Elsom

Social Learning in Environmental Management
Meg Keen
Valerie A. Brown
Rob Dyball

Social Transformation in Rural Canada
John R. Parkins
Maureen G. Reed

Solar Air Systems
Robert Hastings

Solar Air Systems - Built Examples
Robert Hastings

The Solar Economy
Hermann Scheer

Solar Energy - the State of the Art
Jeffrey Gordon

Solar Energy Houses, second edition
Robert Hastings
Anne-Grete Hestnes
Bjarne Saxhof

Solar Energy Pocket Reference
Christopher L. Martin
D. Yogi Goswami

Solar Heating Systems for Houses
Werner Weiss

Solar Installations
Lars Andren

A Solar Manifesto, Second Edition
Hermann Scheer

Solar Thermal Systems
Felix A. Peuser
Karl-Heinz Remmers
Martin Schnauss

Solar Thermal Technologies for Buildings
Mat Santamouris

Solid Waste Management in the World's Cities

Speaking for Ourselves
Julian Agyeman
Peter Cole
Randolph Haluza-DeLay
Pat O'Riley

Spirits of our Whaling Ancestors
Charlotte Coté

A Stake in the Future
Mary Louise McAllister
Cynthia Alexander

Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Applications
James & James

The State of the Nation's Ecosystems

Heinz Center

State of the Wild 2008-2009
Wildlife Conservation Society

State of the World 2013
The Worldwatch Institute

State of the World 2014
The Worldwatch Institute

State of the World 2015
The Worldwatch Institute

State of the World 2016
The Worldwatch Institute

States of Nature
Tina Loo

Stay Cool
Holger Koch-Nielsen

Stewardship of the Built Environment
Robert A. Young

Still the Wild River Runs
Byron E. Pearson

A Storied Wilderness
James W. Feldman

Striving for Environmental Sustainability in a Complex World
George Francis

Sunrise to Paradise
Ruth Kirk

Sustainability in America's Cities
Matthew Slavin

Sustainable Landscape Construction
J. William Thompson
Kim Sorvig

Sustainable Production
Glen Toner

Sustaining the Forests of the Pacific Coast
Debra Salazar
Donald K. Alper

A Symbol of Wilderness
Mark W. T. Harvey

Taking Stands
Maureen G. Reed

Taking the Air
Paul Kopas

Talk and Log
Jeremy Wilson

Temagami's Tangled Wild
Jocelyn Thorpe

This American River
W. D. Wetherell

This Elusive Land
Rebecca Raglon
Melody Hessing
Catriona Sandilands

Through a Green Lens
Robert Michael Pyle

Tibet Wild
George B. Schaller

Tidal Marsh Restoration
Charles T. Roman
David M. Burdick

The Tillamook
Gail Wells

To Conserve Unimpaired
Robert B. Keiter

Toms River
Dan Fagin

Kathie Durbin

Towards 0-Impact Buildings & Built Environments
Ronald Rovers
Emily Monosson
Jacques Kimman
Christoph Ravesloot

A Town Called Asbestos
Jessica van Horssen

Tracking the Great Bear
Justin Page

Trail of Story, Traveller's Path
Lauri Johnson
Leslie Main Johnson

The Transformation of Agri-Food Systems
Ellen B. McCullough
Prabhu L. Pingali
Kostas G. Stamoulis

Transition Management for Sustainable Development
Kazuhiro Ueta
Yukio Adachi

Tree and Shrub Insects of the Prairie Provinces
W.G.H. Ives
H.R. Wong

Trees in the Tide
Kennedy Warne

Tribal Water Rights
John E. Thorson
Sarah Britton
Bonnie G. Colby

Trust in the Land
Beth Rose Middleton

Unbuilt Environments
Jonathan Peyton

The Uncertain Future of the Lower Fraser
Anthony H. Dorcey

Unlikely Alliances
Zoltán Grossman

Unnatural Law
David R. Boyd

Unnatural Selection
Emily Monosson

Robert Glennon

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change
Peter Calthorpe

Vegetation and Soils, 2nd Ed.
S. R. Eyre

Vestal Fire
Stephen J. Pyne

Vital Signs 2012
The Worldwatch Institute

Vital Signs, Volume 20
The Worldwatch Institute

Vital Signs, Volume 21
The Worldwatch Institute
The Worldwatch Institute

Vital Signs, Volume 22
The Worldwatch Institute
The Worldwatch Institute

Antoine Frérot

Water Ethics
Peter G. Brown
Jeremy J. Schmidt

Water in the West
Char Miller

Water is for Fighting Over
John Fleck

Water Resources
Shimon C. Anisfeld

Water Security
World Economic Forum Water Initiative

Water Sheikhs and Dam Builders
Francesca de Chatel

Water War in the Klamath Basin
Holly Doremus
A. Dan Tarlock

Waters of Oregon
Rick Bastach

Watersheds, Bays, and Bounded Seas
Edward R. Urban
Bjorn Sundby
Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli
Jerry M. Melillo

West Ham and the River Lea
Jim Clifford

Wet Prairie
Shannon Stunden Bower

Whales and Nations
Kurkpatrick Dorsey

What Is Water?
Jamie Linton

What Should a Clever Moose Eat?
John Pastor

Where Our Food Comes From
Gary Paul Nabhan

Where the Rivers Meet

Carly A. Dokis

Who Owns the Stock?
Anatoly M. Khazanov
Gunther Schlee

Wicked Environmental Problems
Brad Walters
Peter J. Balint
Ronald E. Stewart
Anand Desai
Lawrence C. Walters

Wild Horses of the West
C. De Silva
J. Edward de Steiguer

Wild in the City
Michael C. Houck
M. J. Cody

Lincoln Bramwell

Wilderness Comes Home
Christopher McGrory Klyza

Wildfire Risk
Wade E. Martin
Carol Raish
Brian Kent

Wildland Fire
Environmental Training Centre

Wildlife and Society
Michael J. Manfredo
Jerry J. Vaske
Perry J. Brown
Daniel J. Decker
Esther A. Duke

Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec, 1840-1914
Darcy Ingram

The Willamette River Basin Atlas
Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium

Wind Energy - The Facts
European Wind Energy Association

Wind Energy in the Built Environment
Neil Campbell
Sinisa Stankovic

Wind Power Plants
Robert Gasch
Jochen Twele

Women Pioneers For The Environment
Mary Joy Breton

World Agriculture
Jelle Bruinsma

World Fire
Stephen J. Pyne

World in Transition, Volume 1
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World in Transition, Volume 2
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World in Transition, Volume 3
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World in Transition, Volume 4
German Advisory Council on Global Change

The World System and The Earth System
Alf Hornborg
Carole L Crumley

World Water Actions
World Water Council
Francois Guerquin

World Water Vision
William J. Cosgrove
Frank R. Rijsberman

The World's Water 2008-2009
Peter H. Gleick
Heather Cooley
Michael Cohen
Mari Morikawa
Jason Morrison
Meena Palaniappan

The World's Water Volume 8
Peter H. Gleick
Pacific Institute

Wye Island
Boyd Gibbons

Dayton Hyde

A Year in the Notch
William Sargent

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