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F. Holland Day
Pam Roberts

Fables of La Fontaine
Koren G. Christofides

The Fabric of Moroccan Life
Niloo Imami Paydar
Ivo Grammet

Fabricated World
John LeRoy

The Face of Imperialism
Michael Parenti

The Face of Resistance
Aung Zaw

The Face of the Fox
Frederick O. Gearing

Face to Face with the Face
Thomas Attlee

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture
Paul Adkins

Facility Siting
Ragnar E. Lofstedt
Asa Boholm

Facing the Wild
Chilla Bulbeck

Factor Five
Ernst von Weizsacker

Failed Diplomacy
Charles Pritchard

Fair Bananas
Henry J. Frundt

Fair Trade from the Ground Up
April Linton

Fair Weather?
Ferenc L. Toth

Faith in Nature
Thomas Dunlap

Faith, Food, and Family in a Yupik Whaling Community
Carol Zane Jolles

Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States
David Rayside
Clyde Wilcox

Faking It
Jane Roscoe
Craig Hight

The Fall of the Pagoda
Eileen Chang

Familiar and Foreign
Manijeh Mannani
Veronica Thompson

Families in Context
Gene H. Starbuck

Families in Context, 3rd edition
Gene H. Starbuck
Karen Saucier Lundy

Families without Fathers
David Popenoe

Families, Labour and Love
Maureen Baker

Family Cycles
Allan C. Carlson

Family Design
Lee Rainwater

Family Experiences of Bipolar Disorder
Cara Aiken

Family of Strangers
Molly Cone
Howard Droker
Jacqueline Williams

Family Revolution
Hui Faye Xiao

The Family Tree Detective
Colin D. Rogers

Far Off Metal River
Emilie Cameron

A Farewell to Arms?
Michael Cox
Adrian Guelke
Fiona Stephen

Farewell to the Leftist Working Class
Dick Houtman
Peter Achterberg
Anton Derks

Farming in a Changing Climate
Barry Smit
Ellen Wall
Johanna Wandel

Farming the Frontier
James R. Gibson

Farms, Trees and Farmers
J.E. Michael Arnold
Peter A. Dewees

Fascism, Communism and the Consolidation of Democracy
Gerhard Besier
Francesca Piombo
Katarzyna Stoklosa

Fascist Italy
John Whittam

Fashioning Teenagers
Pete Wallis
Kelley Massoni

Fast Families, Virtual Children
Ben Agger
Beth Anne Shelton

Fast Forward
William Antholis
Clive Hamilton
Strobe Talbott

Fatal Consumption
Robert Woollard
Aleck Samuel Ostry

Fate of Family Farming, The
Ronald Jager

Father Involvement in Canada
Jessica Ball
Kerry Daly

Fearful Symmetry
Sumit Ganguly
Devin T. Hagerty

A Fearsome Heritage
John Schofield
Wayne Cocroft

Jennifer Smith

Federalism and Democratisation in Russia
Cameron Ross

John McDonald

Feminist Activism in the Supreme Court
Christopher P. Manfredi

Feminist Community Research
Gillian Creese
Wendy Frisby

Feminist Ethics and Social Policy
Rianne Mahon
Fiona Robinson

Feminist History in Canada
Catherine Carstairs
Nancy Janovicek

Feminists and Party Politics
Lisa Young

Feminized Justice
Amanda Glasbeek

Fertility and Jewish Law
Ronit Irshai

Fertility, Food and Fever
David Henley

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution
Carlos Alberto Montaner

Field and Theory
Michael Church
Olav Slaymaker

Field Experiments and Measurement Programs in Geomorphology
Olav Slaymaker

A Field Guide to Classify and Measure Aspen Decay and Stain
Y. Hiratsuka
T. Stokes
P. Chakravarty
D.J. Morgan

Field Guide to Ecosites of Northern Alberta
J.D. Beckingham
J.H. Archibald

Field Guide to Ecosites of Southwestern Alberta
J.H. Archibald

Field Guide to Ecosites of the Mid-Boreal Ecoregions of Saskatchewan
J.D. Beckingham
D.G. Nielsen
V.A. Futoransky

Field Guide to Ecosites of West-Central Alberta
J.D. Beckingham
J.H. Archibald
I.G.W. Corns

Field Guide to Forest Ecosystems of West-Central Alberta
I.G.W. Corns
R.M. Annas

Field Guide to Forest Insects and Diseases of the Prairie Provinces, Second Edition
Y. Hiratsuka
D.W. Langor
P.E. Crane

The Field Guide to Sedges of the Pacific Northwest, Second Edition
The Carex Working Group
Barbara L. Wilson
Richard Brainerd
Danna Lytjen
Nick Otting
Bruce Newhouse

Field Guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System
S.W. Taylor
R.G. Pike
M.E. Alexander

Field guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System, Second Edition
S.W. Taylor
M.E. Alexander

A Field Guide to the Familiar
Gale Lawrence

Field Guide to the Peat Mosses of Boreal North America
Cyrus B. McQueen

Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Washington
Pamela Camp
John C. Gamon

Fieldwork Connections
Bamo Ayi
Stevan Harrell
Ma Lunzy

Fieldwork in Difficult Environments
Caleb R.L. Wall
Peter M. Mollinga

Fiercer Than Tigers
Stephen E. Tabachnick

Fifteen into One?
Wolfgang Wessels
Andrea Maurer
Jurgen Mittag

Fifth Chinese Daughter
Jade Snow Wong

Fight or Pay
Desmond Morton

Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction
Eban Goldstein

Fighting for Votes
William P. Cross
Jonathan Malloy
Tamara A. Small
Laura B. Stephenson

Fighting from Home
Serge Marc Durflinger

Figuring It Out
Ann B. Shteir
Bernard Lightman

Figuring It Out

Michael C. Howard

Filling a Need While Making Some Noise
Kathy Irvine Lorenzato

Film and the City
George Melnyk

Film Editing: History, Theory and Practice
Don Fairservice

Financial Market Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets
Masahiro Kawai
Eswar S. Prasad

Financing Urban Shelter
United Nations Human Settlements Programme

Finding a Different Kind of Normal
Jeanette Purkis

Finding a Way Through When Someone Close has Died
Pat Mood
Lesley Whittaker

Finding Courage to Speak
Paige Alisen

Finding Dahshaa
Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

Finding Meaning in the Experience of Dementia
Elizabeth MacKinlay
Corinne Trevitt

Finding Significance
Sue Allen

Finding the River
Jeff Crane

Finding Your Own Way to Grieve
Karla Helbert

Vicki Halper

Stephen J. Pyne

Fire and Form
William Warmus

Fire and the Full Moon
David Webster

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong
Master Zhongxian Wu
Dr. Karin Taylor Wu

Fire Ecology in Rocky Mountain Landscapes
William L. Baker

Fire in America
Stephen J. Pyne

Edward Struzik

The First and Second Parts of King Edward IV
Richard Rowland
Thomas Heywood

First Do No Harm
Terrence Sullivan
Patricia M. Baranek

First Fish, First People
Judith Roche
Meg McHutchison

The First Green Wave
Ryan O'Connor

First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law
Catherine Bell
Val Napoleon

First Nations Education in Canada
Jean Barman
Marie Battiste

The First Nations of British Columbia
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 2nd edition
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 3rd edition
Robert J. Muckle

First Nations Sacred Sites in Canada's Courts
Michael Lee Ross

First Nations, First Thoughts
Annis May Timpson

First Nations, Museums, Narrations
Alison K. Brown

First Person Plural
Sophie McCall

First Year Out
Sabrina Symington

Fiscal Therapy

William G. Gale

Fish for All
Michael J. Chiarappa
Kristin M. Szylvian

Fish Head Soup and Other Plays
Philip Kan Gotanda

Fish Wars and Trout Travesties
George Colpitts

The Fishermen's Frontier
David F. Arnold

Fishing the Northwest
Glen Love

Fitting In
Colin Thompson

Five Forks
Robert Alexander

The Five Levels of Taijiquan
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

Fixing Haiti
Jorge Heine
Andrew S. Thompson

A Flannel Shirt and Liberty
Susan Jackel

Flexible Crossroads
Roger Hayter

Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice
Elizabeth Burge
Chère Campbell Gibson
Terry Gibson

Floodplain Management
Bob Freitag
Susan Bolton
Frank Westerlund
J.L.S. Clark

Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change
Michael Collier
Robert H. Webb

Flora of Mount Rainier National Park
David Biek

Flora of Steens Mountain
Donald H. Mansfield

Flora of the Pacific Northwest
C. Leo Hitchcock
Arthur Cronquist

Fluid Arguments
Char Miller

Focusing and Calming Games for Children
Deborah M. Plummer

The Fog of Peace
Jean-Marie Guéhenno

The Folkloral Voice
Ian William Sewall

Following Proust
Susan Baker

Food Plants of the Sonoran Desert
Wendy C. Hodgson

Food Systems in an Unequal World
Ryan E. Galt

Food Will Win the War
Ian Mosby

Food, Genes, and Culture
Gary Paul Nabhan

Foods of Association
Nina L. Etkin

For Most Conspicuous Bravery
Reginald H. Roy

For the Century's End
John Haines

For the Love of Rivers
Kurt D. Fausch

"For Their Own Good"
Julia S. Torrie

The Foreign Commissioner
Enid Robbie

The Foreign Policies of European Union Member States
Ian Manners
Richard Whitman

Forensic Music Therapy
Stella Compton Dickinson
Helen Odell-Miller
John Adlam

Forest and Stream Management in the Oregon Coast Range
Stephen D. Hobbs

Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares
Nancy Langston

Forest Economics
Daowei Zhang
Peter H. Pearse

Forest Ecosystem Classification for Manitoba
C.A. Zoladeski

Forest Ecosystem Toposequences in Manitoba
C.A. Zoladeski

Forest Primeval
Chris Maser

Forest Tree Diseases of the Prairie Provinces
Y. Hiratsuka

Forest Under Story
Nathaniel Brodie
Charles Goodrich
Frederick J. Swanson

Forestry and Biodiversity
Fred L. Bunnell
Glen B. Dunsworth

Forestry and the Forest Industry in Japan
Yoshiya Iwai

Forests for the People
Christopher Johnson
David Govatski

Forests in Our Changing World
Elisabeth Abergel
Joe Landsberg
Richard Waring

Forests of Belonging
Leila J. Rupp
Stephanie Rupp

Forests under Fire
Christopher Huggard
Arthur R. Gómez

Forever Fingerprints
Sherri Eldridge

Forever Remembered
Irv Broughton

Forgiveness Is Really Strange
Marina Cantacuzino
Masi Noor
Sophie Standing

The Forgiveness Project
Marina Cantacuzino

Forgotten Grasslands of the South
Reed F. Noss

The Forgotten Mourners
Sister Margaret Pennells
Susan C. Smith

Forgotten Voices
Ulrich Merten

Fort Chipewyan and the Shaping of Canadian History, 1788-1920s
Patricia A. McCormack

Fort Langley Journals, 1827-30
Morag Maclachlan

The Foster Parenting Manual
John DeGarmo

Fostering Active Prolonged Engagement
Thomas Humphrey
Joshua P. Gutwill
rob preece

Foucault, Governmentality, and Critique
Thomas Lemke

Foundation and Form in Jungian Sandplay
Lenore Steinhardt

Foundations of Restoration Ecology, Second Edition
Margaret A. Palmer
Joy B. Zedler
Donald A. Falk

Foundations of Restoration Ecology
Donald A. Falk
Margaret A. Palmer
Joy B. Zedler

Founders, Classics, Canons
Peter Baehr

Four Centuries of Special Geography
O.F.G. Sitwell

The Four Dignities
Cain Carroll

The Four Dragons
Damo Mitchell

Four Thousand Hooks
Dean J. Adams

Fractured Homeland
Bonita Lawrence

Fragile Settlements
Amanda Nettelbeck
Russell Smandych
Louis A. Knafla
Robert Foster

Fragrance and Wellbeing
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Erin Tolley

Frames of Justice
Leroy H. Pelton

Frames of Remembrance
Iwona Irwin-Zarecka

Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia
Anthony A. Barrett
Rhodri Windsor Liscombe

Frankie's Foibles
Kath Grimshaw

Franz von Stuck
Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker

Fraught Intimacies
Nathan Rambukkana

Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome
Tony Attwood
Luke Jackson

Free Boy
Lorraine McConaghy
Judy Bentley

Free Market Missionaries
Sharon Beder

The Freedom of Security
Colleen Bell

Freefall into Fiction
Barbara Turner-Vesselago

Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release
Noah Karrasch

Freeze Frame
Ann Fienup-Riordan

The French Army 1750-1820
Rafe Blaufarb

French Canadians in Michigan
John P. DuLong

French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making of the Pacific Northwest
Jean Barman

French Challenge
Philip Gordon
Sophie Meunier

The French Party System
Jocelyn Evans

French Politics Today
David S. Bell

French Society in Revolution, 1789-99
David Andress

Fresh Impressions
Carolyn M. Putney
Kendall H. Brown
Koyama Shuko
Paul Binnie

Fresh Water
Alison Swan

A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Haley Moss

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast
Richard Rowland
David A. Patterson

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
Nicholas Chambers

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism
Anthony White

A Friend's and Relative's Guide to Supporting the Family with Autism
Ann Palmer

Wendy Lawson

Frigates and Foremasts
Julian Gwyn

Frigid Embrace
Stephen Haycox

Frog's Breathtaking Speech
Michael Chissick
Sarah Peacock

From Beveridge to Blair
Margaret Jones
Rodney Lowe

From Bricks to Brains
Michael Dawson
Brian Dupuis
Michael Wilson

From Command to Community
Nicholas V. Longo
Cynthia M. Gibson

From Cronkite to Colbert
Loretta Bayer
Geoffrey D. Baym

From Enron to Evo
John Hinde
Derrick Hindery

From Fidelity to History
Anne-Marie Scholz

From Here to Maternity
Karen Gibbons
Lana Grant

From Left to Right
Brian T. Thorn

From Like to Love for Young People with Asperger's Syndrome or Mild Autism
Tony Attwood
Michelle Garnett

From Madness to Mutiny
Amy Neustein
Micheal Lesher

From Maps to Metaphors
Robin Fisher
Hugh J.M. Johnston

From Neighborhood to Nation
Ken Thomson

From Pride to Influence
Michael Hart

From Quebradita to Duranguense
Sydney Hutchinson

From Rights to Needs
Raymond B. Blake

From Slave Girls to Salvation
Shelly Ikebuchi

From Treaty Peoples to Treaty Nation
Greg Poelzer
Ken S. Coates

From UI to EI
Georges Campeau
Richard Howard

From Victoria to Vladivostok
Benjamin Isitt

From Violence to Resilience
Jo Broadwood
Nic Fine

From World Order to Global Disorder
Dorval Brunelle

Frontier Livelihoods
Sarah Turner
Christine Bonnin
Jean Michaud

A Frontier Made Lawless
Joseph Lawson

Frontier People
Mette Halskov Hansen

The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney
Brian Titley

Frontiers in Resource and Rural Economics
JunJie Wu
Paul W. Barkley
Bruce A. Weber

Fuel for Growth
Douglas E. Kupel

The Functional Food Revolution
Michael Heasman
Julian Mellentin

The Functional Nutrition Cookbook
Lorraine Nicolle
Christine Bailey

The Fundamentals of Acupuncture
Nigel Ching

Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID)
Jie-Jia Li
Jian-Ping Fu
Jack Li

Fundamentals of Labour Administration
Giuseppe Casale
A. Sivananthiran

Fundamentals of Sustainable Dwellings
Avi Friedman

Funding Democratization
Allan Ware
Peter Burnell

Fur Trade and Exploration
Theodore J. Karamanski

Further Letters of Mrs. Gaskell
John Chapple
Alan Shelston

Future Arctic
Edward Struzik

The Future Control of Food
Geoff Tansey
Tasmin Rajotte

A Future for Archaeology
Douglas Deur
Robert Layton
Stephen Shennan
Peter Stone

The Future for Renewable Energy 2
John Eagle
EUREC Agency

A Future for the Past
Peter J. Ucko
Rachael Thyrza Sparks
Stuart Laidlaw

Future Nature, revised edition
William M. Adams

Future of Arms Control, The
Michael A. Levi
Michael E. O'Hanlon

The Future of Democracy
Peter Levine

The Future of Energy Use 2nd edition
Phil O'Keefe
Geoff O'Brien
Nicola Pearsall

The Future of International Environmental Law
David Leary
Balakrishna Pisupati

The Future of Large Dams
Thayer Scudder

The Future of Mental Health
Eric Maisel

Future of North American Integration, The
Peter Hakim
Robert E. Litan

The Future of the German Economy
Rebecca Harding
William E. Paterson

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